Why is First Aid training so important?


First Aid training should form a vital part of your organisations emergency procedures. The HSE states that every employer must be able to provide treatment, not just for their staff, but for visitors, contractors and anyone else using their premises.

Think about what could happen if a member of your staff suddenly stopped breathing and nobody knew what to do. Not only could that person die but your organisation could be open to litigation by the family of the deceased.

Even in the safest of workplaces such as offices and shops, accidents still happen. It is essential that trained staff are in place who can effectively and efficiently deal with an emergency situation.

First Aid is a skill set that sits all on its own. Not only can you use these skills at work but in your home life too. The function of First Aid is simply to fill the time gap between the incident happening and getting your casualty to the emergency services!

There are many benefits to First Aid. Administering CPR and other treatment can save lives! First Aid can also reduce permanent damage to a casualty by preventing the condition from deteriorating and finally First Aid can reduce time taken or lost from work which is an important factor for any business.

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